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EGEEO Foundation, Inc. thanks you for your support of our programs and endeavors.  We have many ways you can donate.  Your donation helps the Foundation support its many programs, including the College Application Process Program (CAPS), the "Pursue Your Dream" Scholarship and Grant Program.  It is our goal to continue to increase our level of funding to allow us to continue to provide direct service programs and financial assistance to our target recipients; including women, children, those seeking to pursue their dreams through higher education.  By providing much needed assistance EGEEO Foundation, Inc will establish pathways that improve the quality of life for residents of Sacramento and in the surrounding Sacramento communities.


Our direct service programs include the: 

  •       "Pursue Your Dream" Scholarship and Grant Program for Higher Education'

  •       Foundation's College Application Process Program (FCAPP)

  •       Health and Economic Fitness Fair


Our current projects include: 

  •          Meeting and Workplace Improvement Project

  •          Memorial Fund Project


Your tax-deductible, financial gift may be designated as a donation to one of the above service programs or projects or it can be a donation to our general, unrestricted fund, and used as determined by the Foundation.


  • An at-large donation, to be used where most needed

  • A designated donation fund for specific programs and Projects 

  •   a. Foundation's College Application Process Workshops

  •   b. Foundation's Pursue Your Dream Scholarship and Grant Program

  •   c. Foundation's Economic Fitness Fair

  •   d. Foundation's Health Fitness Fair

  •   e. Foundation'sm eeting and office space Improvement Project

  •   f.  Memorial Fund Project


Your donation helps EGEEO Foundation, Inc., in collaboration with its community Partners, such as Eta Gamma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., enhance and provide additional services, including programs and workshops, food for those in need, materials, technology and new equipment as well as securing and updating meeting space.     EGEEO Foundation does not sell or share your private information outside of the EGEEO Foundation system, without specific authorization.

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